What is gorilla charging?

What is gorilla charging? :Gorilla charging simply means the reactions by a gorilla when is feels threatened in its own setting.  Since gorillas are largely territorial animals and live in families dominated and headed by the alpha male also referred to as the silver back.  Gorilla charging is characterized by a gorilla beating its chest, standing on its two legs while approaching the opponent in an attempt to start a battle or a fight.  When the opponent shows signs of being submissive to the supremacy it the gorilla then calms down and backs off. A fight can only be sparked of when and opponent is showing similar signs of aggression and intentions to attack. Gorilla charging  can happen  between gorilla and gorillas, and gorilla to human who may be on a gorilla trekking or gorilla habituation experience.

Gorillas charge when they feel threatened usually by their fellow gorillas or even human that from time to time go an a trek  in their territories.

Below are some of the reasons they charge

  • when the gorilla trekkers get too close to them,
  • Looking at eye closely or making eye contact with them thus interpreting as a challenge.
  • Taking photos with flash cameras or using flash while taking photos. So it’s important to not use your flash cameras while out on gorilla trekking.
  • Making noise sounds disruptive to the gorillas, therefore they feel so threatened thus sparking charges or confrontation.
  • Trying to make contact with the gorillas ie touching them may easily be interpreted as trying to pose a challenge to the gorillas there fore may result to gorilla charging.
  • Suround the gorillas. When you surround the gorillas, they may interpret as a way of launching an attack on them therefore it may trigger them to charge on you.
  • Wearing very bright colours while on gorilla trekking. The gorilla may respond to the bright colours since they are used to an evening with similar colour which is usually green therefore bright colours may seem foreign to them.
  • Encountering the wild gorillas groups may also trigger gorillas to charge on you. Well there two gorilla classification in the gorilla trekking arena, there is the habituated gorilla class, which is taught to get to use to human presence therefore suitable gorilla trekking activity  and there is the  wild gorilla class there has never be taught to get used to human presence . Therefore when trekkers come across the, they may charge on trekker.
  • Encountering breast feeding mothers. When you encounter those gorilla that are breast feeding, they may be aggressive   as part of a motherly instinct of any other animal.
  • Gorillas in bad mood resulting from unknown factors, it could be isolation form family or simply rejection for the family.
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