Zimbabwe safaris

Zimbabwe safaris : Perched in the heart of southern African lies Zimbabwe, a country that is landlocked. Bordering Zambia to her North, Botswana to the West, Mozambique to the east and South Africa to her south. There isn’t doubt that Zimbabwe is such a beaming country filled with lots of beautiful landscapes, incredible national’s parks, amazing culture, scenic lakes and rivers among others.

Zimbabwe safaris has been evolving overtime, regardless of the troubles the country been undergoing ie the immense political pressures between the years of 2000 to 2010. The Zimbabwe safaris development is being attributed to sprawling wildlife, the mushrooming lodges and hotels that house tourists, the professional tour guides among others.

Regardless of what Zimbabwe has been undergoing in the past politically, lately things seems to be going in the right track, tourism is developing at a faster thanks to the growing infrastructure that supports tourism.  Zimbabwe safaris development is greatly attributed developments such as the recently constructed Victoria Falls airport that supports large air crafts with several scheduled flights and direct flights straight from other countries instead of having to first fly into the country’s international airport,  several accommodation options have been put together to accommodate Zimbabwe safari visitors of all ranks.

Zimbabwe consist of two rivers namely Zambezi River in the north and river Limpopo in the south.  in the between the two rivers lies plateau occupies  kopjes rock outcrops,   awesome national parks, scenic forests and rugged mountains. All the features present a wide coverage of activities while a Zimbabwe safari/ Zimbabwe tour.

Attractions in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe has got numerous attractions   what to see while on a Zimbabwe tour. Below a list of the most notable attraction in zimbabwe.

Victoria Falls 

Victoria Falls apparently makes it to the list of one of the seven natural wonders of the world. The falls are situated in the northern  part of the country at the border with Zambia .The falls offer eccentric views, coupled with several activities that many travelers that visit Victoria Falls national participate in.  Some of the most notable activities conducted in Victoria falls include: sighting views to see have an aerial of falls s with the helicopter or an ultra-light, bungee jumping, white water rafting , nature walks, zip wire or gorge swing, canoeing to go and spot the  hippos.

Hwange national park.

Hwange national park is Zimbabwe’s largest and most visited national park in the zimbabwe.  The park measures an area of 14,651 km² and was gazetted in the year 1928.  5The Park is located in the west on the main road between Victoria Falls and Bulawayo close to dete. The park boasts of being one the best places for conducting walking safaris, game drives among others. Some of the wildlife that can be sighted in  Hwange national park include large elephants, lions, buffaloes, sable antelope, giraffes, wildebeest, zebras, impala among others.

Lake Kariba and motusadona national park.

Still situated in lake in the Zambezi river,  lake kariba dis one of the world’s largest manmade lake. Together with matusadona national park form a great attraction and Zimbabwe safari destination. The national park consists of sevral wildlife species to mention lions, buffaloes, elephants, water bucks, impalas alongside 240 bird species. The park offers game viewing as an activity, fishing on lake kariba and birding. Thanks to the efforts of African parks anon profit  organisation that has been involved in the restoration of the parks wildlife alongside reintroducing other more wildlife , therefore in time to come matusadona national park will a prime elephant and black rhino spotting hub.

Mana pools national park

This national park is yet another amazing destination to visit while  on a Zimbabwe  safari, situated in on the northern part of the country, on the lower part of the Zambezi river,   where the flood plains turn out to be a broad expanse of the lakes when the rainy season kicks off. As the dry season come thorugh, the water levels go low therefore   attracting a huge number of wild gem that flock the area to have a drink. Because of the wildlife flocking, this area turns out to one of the top wildlife haven in Zambia.

Matobo national park

this park also serves as re-know travel destination in Zimbabwe, its situated in the southern part of the country, greatly known for the matobo hills, where a several rocks balance of top each other  resulting for the previous granite erosion. The park’s main attractions is the high concentration of the leopards, black and white rhinos also kudus, elands, sable antelopes are see in the national park, this is alongside the 400 birds species out 617  birds that are found in Zimbabwe.

Chizarira National Park

Chizarira National Park is apparently Zimbabwe’s most remote national park covering area of 2,000km², it also double as the country’s third largest national park. It derives its name from the Batonka word which chinjalila which means the great barrier referring to the great escarpments of the rift valley. The park consists of very rough  and rugged terrain, several gorges and valleys. The parks in habitants include elephants, buffaloes , leopards, antelopes. Much as the park doesn’t have frequent visitors , non the less those that make their way to the park  will surely experience the splendor of   it contains.