Malawi Safaris and Tours

Have you ever thought of having Malawi safari / Malawi tour?  If yes you first out know that Malawi also referred to as the warmth heart  derived from the friendly nature of the Malawians. it  is situated in south Eastern Africa, bordering Tanzania to her North, Mozambique in the East and South, Zambia in the West.  English is the official language spoken in Malawi and  Chichewa is also a common language,  Lilongwe is the capital  and doubles as the largest  city filled with lots of commercial activities, Blantyre city being the second largest ,Mzuzu being the third largest city and  Zomba being the fourth largest town in Malawi. The Country spans over an area of 118,484 kilometre squared

With a population amounting to 18,143,217 people, Lake Malawi one of the world’s most scenic lake nearly taking up   a thirds of the country’s land/ space.   The name Malawi can be traced to the Maravi an ancient term of the Nyanja that inhabit Malawi to date.

Tourism in Malawi.

Regarding of tourism or malawi safari, the country enjoys and thrives as one of the a must visit places while on safari to Africa. Malawi is  covered with  several lakes ,plateaus, wildlife and outdoor activities that captivate the travelers who from time to time  frequent the country in pursuit  for adventure and not forgetting the national of seem to be more  largest attraction because of their warmth  and friendliness.

The tourism of Malawi is largely confined in Lake Malawi which such an amazing place filled with a number of activities to mention beach sports, sand bathing, snorkeling boat cruises, and fishing among others.  Lake Malawi is also littered with several accommodation, hotels and lodging facility that accommodates luxury, mid-range and budget travelers.

Malawi is also home to the big five wildlife species which is one of the most sought after wild game, the country also boasts of 700 species  birds as well as 700 species of fish majorly sited in lake Malawi.