Game drives in Malawi

Game drives in Malawi: Game drives are pretty much the most amazing thing one can do while on an African safari, game drive involves simply heading into the wilderness in search for the wildlife/ wild game. Game drive in Malawi are a common activity usually conducted in Majete wildlife reserve that was created in  the year 1955 which later become Malawi’s most beautiful national reserve. Majete wildlife Reserve is situated in southwest of Blantyre in the Lower Shire Valley in southern, tha reserve boasts of several wildlife including the big five. Some of the common wildlife you may be able to see while on a game drive in Majete wildlife reserve besides the big five  include kudus, zebras, antelopes, duikers, hippos, nyala, elands, warthogs, water bucks, crocs, sable antelopes among others. The majete reserve has also a wide assortment of bird species.

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