Kenya safari/Kenya tour/ Visit Kenya.

Kenya safari/Kenya tour/ Visit Kenya : Kenya like any other travel destinations offers a rich experience regarding what to see and explore. Kenya is situated in East African coast  boarding the indian ocean and Somalia  to her East, Uganda to the east, Tanzania to the South,and Ethiopia to the North. Kenya happens to a  prime African Destination offering  diversities of attractions to do to mention , think the annual wildebeest migration  that sees millions of wildebeest cross  to Kenya’s masai  mara national reserve from Tanzania, the amazing and fascinating culture of the masai  people, the rich culture of the samburu people,  the beautiful flamingos of rift valley  Lake nakuru , the majestic mount Kenya , the bustling City of Nairobi and the beautiful coast of Mombasa make the Kenya safari an impeccable safari choices one can make.

Now that  you have a snick pic of what Kenya has to offer while on Kenya safari,  we bring you the best of the individually crafted safaris to suit any type of budget.  We organize specially crafted holidays that cover all the rich and diverse destinations that Kenya offers, from the Kenya coastal tours, to   Kenya cultural excisions, to Kenya wildlife safari, Kenya site, Kenya city  tours and many more.

Some of our favorite Kenya safari activities that we pride in offering  include but not limited to   hiking trails on the mountains of kenya, th annual wildebeest  experience or trails down at the great masai mara national reserves, sites and view of the Kenya rift valley, game drives to view several wildlife in different national parks across Kenya.

Below are some of our top destination while on  a Kenya safari/ Kenya tour

Masai Mara national reserve

masai mara  happens to be the epitome of tourism in Kenya, if you havent  been to masai mara then now is the  time to arrange for a kenya safari that will possibly grant you a discovery of a life time, mara itself means dotted in the local masai language this translates to the many trees that are spotted across the national park.  Masai mara is situated in south western part of the country   bordering Tanzania, the park stretches to Serengeti national park  the park is in narok county kenya .  Masai mara exudes rich wildlife therefore making it kenyas top deation. The park is home to the big five ( lions, elephants, buffaloes, leopards and rhinos) on top  of other wildlife  to mention cheetahs, giraffes, wildebeests, jackals, tomson gazelles, elands, hyenas, dik diks, antelopes, impala, hippos, crocodiles among others.  the park is also home  to several bird species and plant species that thrive across  the national park.

the activities at masai mara national reserve include the great wildebeest migration  experience, the game drive, birding , nature walks, baloon rides, visit the private reserves among others. masai mara has also to a wide assortment of  accommodation ranging from super luxury, luxury, mid range and budget, therefore catering for individuals of all budget  types.

Lake Nakuru national park

lake Nakuru national park is among Keny’s top national parks  therefore qualifying to be  kenya safari/kenya tour priority  destination. situated in the lake Nakuru area of the rift valley and Nakuru town of Kenya. The is is rich  and famous for the pink flamingos and other birds species amounting to 400 therefore making it a bird watchers paradise. The park  is also home several wildlife to mention the white rhinos, zebras, buffaloes , water bucks among others. The park makes a perfect destination while on a Kenya tour.

Mount Kenya national park

Situated 140km  North Est Nairobi  lies another prominent Kenya safari destination. Mount Kenya national park drives it name from the Mount Kenya another attractions within the park that can be experienced  during the hike  . the park also happens to be a unesco world heritage site and it covers an areas of 715 square Kilometer therefore harboring several wildlife species to mention elephants, buffaloes, antelopes, monkeys among others.

Amboseli national park 

Amboseli national park is  yet another   charming destination that makes a fine Kenya safari experience.  The park is situated in is southern Kenya close to the kenya Tanzania boarder  offering an accentric view mount Kilimanjaro. the park is famous for being  home to huge herds of elephants including  the late Tim one of Africa’s tusker that died in  December 2019 after  surviving several poaching attempts. The park also harbors buffaloes, lions, zebras, antelopes, giraffes, hyenas, leopards along side several birds species. An experience of amboseli can only  be conducted by planning a trip there.

Tsavo East and West National park

These two national park are located close to each other just separated by   the highway, the park also is know for harboring the man eaters that terrorized the Indian coolies that  were involved in the construction  of the Railway. The parks host several prides of lions, herds of elephants, giraffes, water bucks, buffaloes, antelopes, leopards among others.

Kenya safari destination also encompass several destination  besides the above,  some of which include   samburu national park, Aberdare national park, chyulu hills national park,Nairobi national park,  Lake naivasha national park, hells gate national park,Ruma national park, Kakamega forest national park, Longonot national park ,marine national park the list is endless.