Chimpanzee trekking at kyambura gorge .Over time Queen Elizabeth has developed to be a primate trekking area, with the famous spot being at kyambura gorge.   The experience at  kyambura gorge is beyond just walking and discovering chimps, it  a natural ecosystem. It grants traveler ideas of  kyambura gorge’s atmospheric  environments to mention underground forests, vegetation types, bird discoveries and behavior , monkey and chimpanzee ecology.

Much as viewing chimpanzee are not guaranteed,   travelers still stand high chances to hear the chimpanzee at a distance as they are being habituated. Trekking chimpanzee is run in the morning and afternoon with the morning session being at 8:00am and afternoon one at 2:00am on a daily basis.

Trek chimpanzee at kyambura gorge with us by inquiring about the rates and let us take of all the dirty work for you, to seeing that you have an amazing time trekking chimpanzees at Queen Elizabeth national park.