12 Days best of Uganda safari 

Explore Uganda in a 12Days Best of Uganda safari  carrying out the most incredible activities that make Uganda such an amazing destination . visit all the major Uganda national park while carrying out activities such as gorilla trekking in bwindi national park, chimpanzee trekking, game drives, cultural tours, boat cruises  among others. see below the deatailed itinerary and travel plan.

Day 1 0f 12 Days Best of Uganda safari : Airport pickup.

Welcome for your Uganda tour. Our safari guide will be at Entebbe airport to meet you on arrival. He will transfer you to hotel to discuss your travel plans, get briefs about Uganda and then take a refreshing rest. You will go for tour of Entebbe town, get fresh breath Lake Victoria and pick insights of safaris to Uganda.

Day 2 of 12 Days Best of Uganda safari : Ziwa, Murchison Falls

Your Ugandan tour starts with an early cup of coffee with our safari guide to warm up for lifetime safari to Uganda. You will set off shortly at sunrise and pass through Kampala city slowly getting warmed from the slumber of the night. You will branch off to Ziwa wildlife sanctuary breakfast and rhino tracking expedition before proceeding to Masindi town for lunch break. You will pass by the top of Murchison falls for a brief walk, photo opportunity and body stretching before checking in at your hotel late afternoon and relax till late.

Day 3 of 12 Days Best of Uganda safari : Game drive, boat cruise

The ranger guide will be on wait as you take your early morning cup of coffee and warm up to experience strange Uganda tour feelings. You will then head for the wilderness for wildlife viewing safari, one of the best anywhere on planet earth. This Ugandan safari opens up to beautiful grassland plains where big mammals like elephants, buffalos, giraffes and others are grazing alongside smaller one like Uganda kobs, oribi, warthogs and others as big swarms of birds fly by and perch on tree tops. You will get back for late breakfast and relax at the hotel till early lunch. Take a 3 hour boat cruise on Victoria Nile after lunch to explore Uganda water tourism resources, get closer to large wildlife species, view the Murchison Falls from a bottom elevation and get refreshed by the chilling breeze in a very hot afternoon. You will get back to hotel for more relaxation or may opt for a brief evening game viewing drive.

Day 4 of 12 Days Best of Uganda safari;  Transfer to Fort Portal

Take a hot cup of coffee and set off with packed breakfast for a quite long drive on a gravel road out of the park. Enjoy beautiful Uganda safari sceneries all the way most notable big herds of long horned Ankole cattle being tended to by juvenile pastoralists and a very steep scenic escarpment forming the boundary of the rift valley where you will take your packed breakfast. You will drive on to Fort Portal town for lunch stop and later check in at hotel close to national park. This Uganda tour environment is completely different from Murchison Falls with dirrefent attractions in all corners. You may opt to rest and shake off travel fatigue or a take brief village tour and interact with indigenous people

Day 5 of 12 Days Best of Uganda safari : Chimpanzee tracking

The excitements of chimpanzee tracking safari begin with the early morning cup of coffee and head to park tourism office to meet ranger guides, meet fellow trackers and then set off for the forests. You will experience the different scenario of Kibale forest ecosystem and discover that chimpanzee tracking safaris are more than just meeting chimpanzees. Get back in time for lunch at a restaurant close to tourism office and feel the coolness of the forest on your entire body. You will take a guided community walk and return to your hotel for the night.

Day 6 of 12 Days Best of Uganda safari : Queen Elizabeth National Park

This day comes with another new program and starts it fresh with heavy breakfast in the lawns and gets fresh feelings of Uganda safari. Check out of hotel by 9.00am and head for Queen Elizabeth National Park. You will explore beautiful crater lakes along the way and descend steep escarpments onto the bed of the rift valley with magnificent views of Ruwenzori Mountains. You will then get to equator line crossing area at Kikorongo shortly before checking into your hotel. You may take an evening game viewing safari and then relax till dinner.

Day 7  of 12 Days Best of Uganda safari: Game viewing, boat cruise.

The challenges and beauty of Uganda tour this day start with getting up very early in the morning, take a quick cup of coffee to get into wilderness to witness wildlife begin activities of the day. You will scan the plain savannah for predators on hunt and prey grazing the morning grass softened overnight by dew before the heat of the day. This is one of the chief attractions for travellers on tour to Uganda. You will get back to hotel for late breakfast and catch some sleep. Shortly after lunch you will take a 2 hour exciting boat cruise on the Kazinga channel and get rare feelings on Uganda tour. You may opt for a brief evening game viewing safari, take a brief nature walk or relax by the pool side and share posts of your safari to Uganda with friends online.

Day 8  of 12 Days Best of Uganda safari :Tree climbing lions

Take hot cup of coffee and with packed breakfast check out of hotel for an all different leg of your Uganda tour. The journey takes you south to Ishasha sector for a game viewing safari on the lookout for tree climbing lions and other large mammal in an environment too different from the previous nights. You will have picnic lunch in the savannas plains and your Ugandan safari day ends at Bwindi; a tourism destination whose terrain and scenery are soul humbling. Sleep to the rather quiet night save some interrupting audible howls of primates from afar in the jungles.

Day 9  of 12 Days Best of Uganda safari: Gorilla trekking, Community walk

Rise up with the early bird and make final preparations and begin your gorilla trek with a hot cup of coffee to wash away the night’s coldness.  Our guide will be on wait to drop you at tourism rangers’ office to register, meet other trekkers and formalise your trekking safari requirements. You will then set off for the jungles and get consumed in the exciting events of the day. You will get back to camp and hotel after meeting the gorillas for approximately an hour in time for lunch and some relaxation. You will take a guided community walk and get personal with warm hearted and loving indigenous people.

Day 10 of 12 Days Best of Uganda safari : Bunyonyi, Boat cruise

Enjoy your morning sleep and feel refreshed from the tiredness of the previous day. Take breakfast in the lawns under trees hear birds tweet strange, sweet melodies and experience more rare Uganda safari experiences. You will check out heading further south to Lake Bunyonyi for more relaxation. Check in at hotel for lunch in the lawns so close to the lake and gaze at waves lashing the shores. You will go for a boat cruise later and gaze at shimmering nature given beauty; floating islands and scenic views of different hills seeming to emerge at the end of each other hill.

Day 11  of 12 Days Best of Uganda safari :Lake Mburo, Boat cruise

Take breakfast at leisure in the lawns as you watch a stunning sunrise over the calm lake. Our guide will be ready to take you on another leg of Uganda tour as you descend the steep Kigezi hills onto Ankole plains with a carpet of green grassland. You will have an African buffet lunch in Mbarara town and may tour a museum with a lot of cultural information on display. You will then proceed and check in at the hotel. You may opt for an afternoon boat cruise on Lake Mburo and get refreshed by the cool lake breezes, a brief guided walk or an evening game viewing safari. You will then get back to hotel and relax for the rest of the night.

Day 12  of 12 Days Best of Uganda safari: Game drive, Departure

You will get up early morning; take a quick cup of hot coffee and with packed breakfast head into the savannah plains and begin your last Uganda safari day in fashion. You will do a game viewing drive in most corners on the lookout for rare wildlife species that you may not have seen elsewhere; Zebra, eland, sitatunga amongst mammals and bird species. You will then check out of the park and proceed on your transit to Kampala. You will have lunch at equator line crossing area, take memorable photos and walk from south to northern hemisphere. You will arrive in Kampala and driver take you to Entebbe for your departure flight marking end of your Uganda safari.