Botswana safaris

Botswana safaris: Perched with in southern Africa, bordering    South Africa to the south, Zimbabwe to the east, Angola and Zambia to the north. And Namibia  to the West lies Botswana. Botswana is one also one of the most exciting safari destinations in world also referred to as the land of the giants in reference the giant baobab trees to the several roaming  huge African Elephants .  The country is filled with unspoiled landscapes that’s can only be explore thorugh a Botswana safari. Some of the most common attractions that stand out through this amazing country of Botswana is the crystal clear water of the Okavango Delta,  Chobe national park filled with losts of wildlife with  elephants being  the dominant ones and the savute channel.

The two distinct   Okavango delta desert and the water channel form a very contrasting relief and great sanctuary that co-exist in a similar Area. The existence Okavango delta forms one of the most bizarre concentration of wildlife in Botswana , therefore creating  several  Botswana safari  activities   to mentions honey  moon safaris, walking safaris, canoeing , game drives among others.

Top destination in Botswana.

Bostwana is apparently one of those must visit destination in southern Africa, filled with lots of wilderness parks with Okavango delta being the high light of the country in terms of attractions. For one to have access to the Okavango delta  they  can go via maun airport  for short light air transfers to air strips at the various safari camps in  okavongo delta.

Chobe national park

Chobe is Botswana’s top and the third largest national park close to central Kalahari national reserve and gemsbok national park, its situated in the northern part of the country, covering an area of 31,600 km2 .  chobe national park has one of highest wildlife concentration in the entire African  continent . some of the parks most common inhabitants range from lions , elephants, hippos, sable antelopes, roan antelopes,loepards, cheetahs, Nile crocodiles, red lechwe, sitatunga, buffaloes among others.

Linyata savuti Area

This yet another interesting area in Botswana, filled with several sightings of wildlife   including the big five.   the linyata  savuti area just like any other  attractions  consists of a diverse ecosystem  consisting of  linyata river   where savute marsh subsides into the lagoons  which  consists of several riverine  forests  an amazing place for  viewing the wildlife species,