Experience the wild of Uganda in another, special way (hot air balloon safari – queen elizabeth national park) . Wake up right on time to get the dawn, as you noiselessly fly over the fields of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Respect the groups of cape bufaloes, elephants and appreciate the quiet quietness of the African shrub…


You now have the chance to include an energizing hot air baloon ride to your safari. You will take off right on time at first light for a flight that goes on for around 60 minutes. Ascend as the sun rises and buoy toward whatever path the winds of the morning takes you. Fly high over the trees and slopes to appreciate the best of Uganda, with numerous incredible photograph chances of the landscape and natural life underneath.


Hot air Balloon safaris/tours

Baloon Tours Ltd. is a recently participated and built up Ugandan organization since February 2014. The organization is authorized to work hot air expands over Uganda from Ugandan Civil Aviation as the assigned expert for this action. All different licenses, (for example, exchanging permit, venture permit, and so forth.) have been acquired. The primary inflatable flight in Queen Elizabeth was propelled on sixteenth November 2014.

The hot air baloons are fabricated at Kubicek Balloons in the Czech Republic. As of now the organization has one inflatable under enlistment check X5-BTA that can suit 16 people. Before long it will dispatch a moment expand (X5-BTB) which can convey up to 24 people.

Inflatable Tours Ltd. has more than 10 years encounter and just works with proficient, very much prepared pilots that have at least 1,000 hours of flying hot air inflatables from various sorts and sizes. They have flying knowledge in Egypt, Turkey and now in Uganda. The organization holds a protection through UAP with a British Insurance Company with a conceal to US $500,000. Inflatable Tours is the first and final organization that got endorsement from Uganda’s Civil Aviation Authority to oversee hot air expand rides around the safari zone.

Hot air balloon program line up

05.30 am Pick up at Kasenyi entryway

Exchange of the travelers, balloon, pilot and ground team to pick the correct spot for departure. The areas are constrained to assigned destinations where the aggravation to creatures is kept to a base. After the fundamental climate tests for wind heading and dispensing the last assume off position, visitors are served tea, espresso and refreshments while the inflatable is emptied and collected. At that point frosty expansion happens took after by hot swelling. Visitors will get wellbeing preparation before the flight.

06.15 am Takeoff

The flight will occur for roughly 60 minutes. Flights can fluctuate from 45 minutes up to 1.5 hours relying upon the measure of fuel on poet, the travelers’ joined weight, the temperature of the air and when the pilot finds a reasonable landing range. The balloon will fly at a height territory any place from tree best up to 2500 feet (760 meters) which permits visitors one of a kind all encompassing perspectives and extraordinary photographic chances of the landscape and untamed/ wildlife life underneath.

07.15 am Landing and Bush Breakfast

In the wake of arriving as smooth as conceivable there will be a festival with shining (non alcoholic) wine and a full English shrubbery breakfast will be served. Each traveler will be regarded with a hot air expand safari declaration as a gift of this enterprise.

08.30 am Return to the hotel (with diversion drive in transit).


The cost of the hot air expand encounter is USD $380 per individual.

Kids up to 12 years will get half off the grown-ups cost.

Rates incorporate the inflatable flight, refreshments previously, then after the fact the flight and an inflatable declaration.

Frequently asked questions

No base travelers are required. The most extreme limit of the present inflatable is 16 pax. Any more modest number will be imparting to different travelers.

The base age is 6 years unless under guardians obligation.

Flights are offered day by day throughout the entire year, unless the climate does not allow.

Hot air expand traveler flights happen in winds under 10 hitches, with no rain or moving toward storms in the prompt territory. Flights additionally require a perceivability of no less than 4 km.

Should climate conditions manage that the balloon safari may not withdraw, a full discount will be issued. On the other hand, if travelers have another morning to encounter the balloon safari they may pick to attempt it again the following day (subject to accessibility).

The whole experience takes 3-4 hours. Travelers are required to be back at their hotel around 09.00-10.00 am (contingent upon the length of the diversion drive).

What to bring: visitors can just take a little day knapsack, camera and so forth. Primary gear must be left at the hotel. No extraordinary dress is required for hot air swelling.

The flight is not sufficiently high for an adjustment in temperature so intend to dress for the temperature of the day. Make sure to bring your camera, binoculars, batteries and a defensive pack.