Tanzania safaris

Tanzania safaris has got to be  one of the most eccentric adventure any  travel enthusiast would consider doing   as  part of the bucket list of things to do.  Tanzania  as a travel destination like no other has got multiplicity of things   to indulge in while on an odyssey.  From the dwarf feeling you get when you get to Mount Kilimajaro  Africa’s highest mountain to the thrill  derived while witnessing the wildebeest make their  way to Kenya’s Masai mara national From Serengeti national park crossing  mara river, the stampede  of  the wildebeests crossing the river with predators like crocodiles , lions among other pouncing on their easy kills , get to mingle with the masai mara people and experience their rich and diverse  culture. visit the wonders of Ngorongoro crater and its rich and sprawling wildlife down  to the savanna  of lake manyara, and to Tarangire. Surely Tanzania safari can leave you wanting.

One part of the country ( northern circuit ) alone offers  more than an entire country else where would reward intern of attractions.adding icing the cake the  southern  circuit  grants several other  wildlife sightings in the evenly  distributed national parks in the southern part of the country with  some offering unique sightings of wildlife species that cannot be sighted in other national park across the country .  if that is not enough, as you entend further to the coast  that stretches southern words, you will be bewildered by several white sand beaches   of dar-es salaam Tanzania busiest and bustling city , the coast offers a perfect get way to just  chillax and unwind.

Tanzania safaris could also land you   a visit to Zanzibar town, one of the oldest towns in Tanzania, very rich in culture  and attractions,  Zanzibar  history is a rich one which dates back to the Portuguese conquests and the Arab settlements and slave trade  some of the history you may be taught as you explore the stone  city, the island is littered with several beautiful beaches a perfect summer hangout place.

Further  to the western part of the country lies lake Tanganyika  another wonder  of being of the deepest lakes in the world,  littered with attraction on the shores such as Mahale  mountains national park  known for its spectacular landscapes and and being home to the chimps, Gombe national park famous for  chimpanzee trekking.

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Map of Tanzania showing Attraction

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