9 Days Uganda Rwanda primate safari

9 Days Uganda Rwanda primate safari: Uganda and Rwanda are neighboring land locked countries in East Africa naturally blessed with high concentration of primate species on the continent; most notable Mountain gorillas. Each country has its other unique attractions and this safari gives the traveler an opportunity to explore the two countries tourism attractions on a lifetime safari of discovery.

Day 1 of 9 Days uganda Rwanda primate safari: Transfer to Kibale National Park
Your Uganda safari starts with an early morning meet and greet breakfast with our safari driver. You chat the best way you wish to enjoy your safari and get to learn of each other. You will shortly begin the 5 hour road safari taking the south west route Mubende- Fort Portal road. You will have lunch in Fort Portal town, freshen up and stretch your body. You will tour a Ugandan King’s Palace and take a brief walk before checking in at hotel close to the national park in the evening.

Day 2 of 9 Days uganda Rwanda primate safari: Chimpanzee Tracking in Kibale forest
Wake up with the first bird, take a quick cup of coffee and with lunch boxes head to Kanyanchu tourism office. You meet ranger guides, get briefing about chimpanzee tracking and precautions while in forests and get assigned guides and your chimpanzee tracking begins shortly. The forest is rich with wildlife and this one opportunity to learn about basics of wilderness and try them out physically. You will follow all leads that lead to location of their feeding area and spend approximately an hour with them. You will return to tourism office and have a picnic lunch under tree canopy with singing birds in the background.  You will take another guided walk through a community based wildlife sanctuary and appreciate the indigenous people who have protected the wildlife and their promotion of Uganda tourism. Get back to hotel to relax and dinner.

Day 3: Kibale National Park –Queen Elizabeth National Park
Relax in the morning and shake off chimpanzee tracking body fatigue. You will take breakfast at leisure and check out of hotel shortly for another historical of significance on Uganda safari with a visit to Amabere ga Nyina Mwiru caves. Listen to moving tales from the caves caretaker and learn more about the African cultural set up and physical geography. You will then have lunch in Fort Portal town and proceed onto a hotel in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Day 4: Game safari, boat cruise
Queen Elizabeth is a popular destination on Uganda safari as it offers one of the best opportunities to view wildlife in many species and big herds. Begin the day with a very cup of coffee to put you in right moods and set off for ranger guided wildlife viewing safari. You will get back for a late breakfast and early lunch before taking on a 3.00pm 2 hour Kazinga Channel boat cruise another major magnet for travellers on Uganda tour. This one gets you more close to thirst animals drinking in the channel to cool their body from burning tropical temperatures. You will do a brief evening game viewing safari to register a variety of wildlife sightings.

Day 5: Kyambura Gorge, Transfer to Bwindi 
Take an early cup of coffee and head to Kyambura gorge; Fig Tree Camp tourism office. Meet and greet rangers, get briefed about the ecosystem get assigned ranger guides and descend the steep escarpments to the bottom of the gorge to track chimpanzee families. This is a whole different experience with Kibale chimpanzee tracking because the habitat is completely different and therefore chimpanzee behaviours and tracking techniques equally different. You will transfer shortly after tracking to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park; a very different environment with hilly terrain and thick mist covered forests and get amazed at abrupt environmental changes on Uganda travels
Day 6 of 9 Days uganda Rwanda primate safari: Gorilla Trekking Bwindi

This is one of those few rare days we live on earth because the excitement of meeting face to face with Mountain gorillas is extremely adrenaline and hair raising. Get up very early and make final preparations for gorilla trek hike in rough terrain with thick forests. Take a hot cup of coffee to calm your nerves and head to ranger tourism office. Meet and greet fellow gorilla trekkers, get briefed about forest and gorilla trekking precautions, get ranger guides and set off for the jungles. The guides will follow all leads that will take you to gorilla feeding location and you will interact with them for approximately an hour and begin your descent to base station. You will go to hotel for lunch, freshening up and sharing your Uganda safari scenarios with friends online. You will take a late afternoon community guided tour and meet the local people that have lived with and protected gorillas all their lifetime.

Day 7: Transfer to Volcanoes National park
Enjoy your morning sleep and get refreshed from a tiresome but worthy gorilla trekking exercise. You will take breakfast in the lawns while gazing at sunrays clearing the mist on Bwindi hills and reflections flashing into your eyes. You will check out of hotel and get to Cyanika border post marking end of Uganda safari leg and start of Rwanda safari leg. You will head to a hotel closest to Volcanoes National Park and get mesmerized by scenic views.

Day 8 of 9 Days Uganda Rwanda primate safari: Gorilla Trekking Rwanda
Another opportunity is within us to meet another Mountain gorilla family in a different country. Start the events of gorilla tracking with a cup of coffee to wash away the chilling night temperatures. Drive to park tourism office to meet fellow trekkers, finalise all gorilla trekking requirements and set off for the forests. The guides will trace all leads that will locate their feeding location. Be attentive and get briefs about the entire ecosystem not merely gorillas for the forests are full of other wildlife. Your interaction with the gorillas may take an hour depending on some factors. You will slope back to tourism office and hotel for lunch and later enjoy wonderful Rwanda tour sceneries on the drive to Kigali City.

Day 9 of 9 Days uganda Rwanda primate safari :Kigali City Tour and Departure
Enjoy your last day on safari in Rwanda with a good morning sleep before taking breakfast at leisure in the bright morning light. You will check out of hotel and take a Kigali City tour taking you to prominent features in the town. Most notable are Parliament buildings, local markets, genocide memorial sites, church structures, educational institutions and others of preference. You will have lunch at a museum and buy local crafts for souvenir to carry home. The safari guide will take you to Kigali International Airport in time to prepare for your departure flight ending your tour of Rwanda