Nyungwe Forest National Park

Nyungwe Forest national park is one of the top Rwanda tourist destinations that travelers can visit for different activities given that the park has quite a number of tourist attractions. Nyungwe Forest National Park is the largest forest in Rwanda and is the largest Afro Montane forest. The forest holds quite a number of highlights and it is known to be the furthest source of the River Nile. The park is located in the southwestern park of the land of 1000 hills “Rwanda”, and its close to the boarder with Burundi. The park is south of Lake Kivu and to the west of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The head quarters of the park are located at Uwinka in Rusizi district.
Nyungwe National Park is famously known for harboring chimpanzees and many travelers come to Nyungwe for chimpanzee trekking though its known to harbor other 12 primate species in plenty and is a primate capital in Rwanda. The park has got quite a number of attractions which include the following:

Attractions in Nyungwe
Primates and Wildlife: Nyungwe National Park is known to have/to be home to 13 Primate species having about 400 black and white colobus monkeys making it the top among Africa to have the largest concentration of these monkeys. The park is also famously known to have chimpanzees habituated in 2 groups with the small one having about 30 chimpanzees in Cyamudongo and the large one having about 60 chimpanzees. Other primate species in Nyungwe include the L’hoest Monkey, Angola Colobus monkey, grey-cheecked mangabey, silver monkey, hamlyn’s monkey and many others. Nyungwe forest national park also has about 72 animal species including bush pigs, duikers, golden cats, forest elephants, e.t.c.

Bird Species: The park is estimated to have about 300 bird species and 26 can only be spotted in the Albertine Rift. This makes Nyungwe forest national park one of the best top birding destinations in the world. Some of the bird species found in Nyungwe forest national park include regal sunbird, black & white casqued hornbill, Ruwenzori batis, batis diops, e.t.c

Flora: The park contains a wide range of tree species that are unique and travelers would love to come and explore these special tree species that are tall and create an amazing canopy for the forest. Some include cyathea manniana, carapa, newtonia, orchids, mosses, ferns, podocarpus, and many others. Researchers would find a lot interesting tree species in Uganda because of its tree species.

Waterfalls: Nyungwe forest national park has an amazing landscape and habors a lot of rivers and springs whick creates quite a number of waterfalls that are amazing to look at and enjoy. The park has different cliffs and caves which also facilitate the formation of waterfalls. Some of the famous water falls includes the Isumo water falls which can be accessed through the isumo waterfall trail.
Hiking Trails in Nyungwe: Nyungwe forest national park has quite a number of hiking trails that give a thrilling experience to travelers as they get a chance to explore the park its features. These trails give you a chance to get into close contact with nature in Africa’s largest montane rainforest. Some of the top hiking trails in Nyungwe forest national park include Ngabwe trail, Bigugu trail, Congo Nile Divide trail, Muzimu Trail, Rukuzi Trail, Igishigishigi Trail, Buhoro trail, Imbaraga Trail, Irebero Trail, Umugote Trail, Umuyove Trail, Kamiranzovu Marsh Trail, Isumo Waterfal trail, Karamba Trail, and the Famous Uwinka Trail.

Activities in Nyungwe
Chimpanzee trekking: Nyungwe forest national park has quite a number of chimpanzees and as mentioned the park is famous for this chimpanzee trekking activity. Chimpanzee trekking is an activity that has no season and can be done all year round. Chimpanzee trekking permits in Nyungwe forest can be done in Cyamudongo forest at a cost of only $90 for non-foreign residents and $60 for foreign residents, and Rwandans pay only 5000 Rwf. The chimpanzee trekking permits in nyungwe are the clearance documentations that a treaveler must present to the park officials before they are allowed to proceed with the activity. Some of the essentials a traveler mus carry to have a successful tour include binoculars, rain gear, hiking boots, long sleaved shirts and trousers, gumboots of strong hiking shoes, water and snacks and much more.

Birding: The beauty of the fact that Nyungwe harbors quite a number of bird species is that the park has an activity to explore these bird species. Birding in Nyungwe forest national park is one of the top tourist activities that travelers can engage. Travelers can get a chance to see different bird species like the Kungwe Apalis, Grauer’s Walber, and the Stanely Crimson wig. On your birding tour you will be briefed by the birding experts who will then hand you a birding book which you will refer to as you sight each different bird species. Birding in Nyungwe forest national park costs $50 for foreign non residents, $40 for foreign residents and Rwandan Nationals pay only Rwf 5000 per person.

Hiking safaris in Nyungwe trails: With the abundant nyungwe forest hiking trails a traveler can get a chance to explore a trail of their choice. Hiking thes trails can take from 4 hours to 3 Days for some which are so long. Nyungwe forest national park has 130km of amazingly contructed hiking trails of which some incude Igishigishigi Trail, Buhoro trail, Imbaraga Trail, Irebero Trail, Umugote Trail, Umuyove Trail, Kamiranzovu Marsh Trail, Isumo Waterfal trail,and may others. On these different hiking trails you will be able to find different tree species that are amazing and also wildlife and primates like chimpanzees, blackand white colobus monkeys and many others. Hiking trails in Nyungwe cost, $40 for foreign non residents, $30 for foreign residents and Rwandans pay 3000 Rwf. Some of the important things to carry for the hiking trails in Nyungwe include the hiking boots, hiking stick, rain coat and many others.
Canopy Walk: Nyungwe Forest National Park is blessed to have a very huge canopy because of the largeness of the forest and travelers have a chance to walk on the top as they view the parks’ features. The canopy walkway give a traveler the opportunity to walk 50 meters above the ground as high as the tree tops as you get a chance to see different bird species, primate species and exploring the tree species. The canopy walk way is a suspended bridge in the tree tops with 50 above the ground. The canopy walk is done along the Igishigishigi Trail, and starts at 9am and the other canopy walkway at 3pm. A traveler pays only 60$ for foreign non residents, 50$ for foreign residents and only 5000 Rwf for Rwandan Nationals.

A traveler visiting Nyungwe national park should feel comfortable as the park has quite a number of accommodation facilities ranging from budget, midrange and luxury lodges and hotels. Some of the accommodation facilities include Nyungwe Nziza Eco-Lodge, Kitabi Eco-Center, Nyungwe Top View Hotel, Gisakura Guest House, One and only Nyungwe House, and many others.
Make sure to book your Nyungwe Forest National Park Safari with a trusted tour operator who will make your travel plan safe and smooth.