Bio diversity-The Queen Elizabeth National Park has been assigned a Biosphere Reserve for Humanity under UNESCO support. The amazing national park , incorporates a surprising assortment of biological communities, from semi-deciduous tropical woodland to green knolls, savannah and marshes. It is the home of the popular tree climbing lion and in addition the Uganda Kob, other gazelle species, elephant, monkeys, hippos,  chimpanzees and buffaloes. More than 600 types bird species  have been recorded, making the national park a bird watcher paradise. The bird  species incorporate the dark honey bee eater, 11 sorts of ruler fisher, Shoe bill storks and a few types of birds of prey, falcons and different raptors. In the pit lakes toward the north, groups of flamingos can be found. A most loved approach to see the amusement is by dispatch stumble on the Kazinga Channel between Lakes George and Edward.