Uganda safaris

Uganda is a landlocked country in the great lakes region of Africa surrounded by South Sudan in the north, Democratic Republic of Congo in the west, Rwanda and Tanzania in south west and south respectively and Kenya in the east.  Some parts of Uganda’s borderlines are water bodies and enjoys strategic position along the equator line. A combination of these two and other factors in a big way result in pleasant weather conditions appropriate for exciting Uganda excursion all year round.

Uganda is generally a flat plateau and the western arm of the great African rift valley; the main arena for safaris into Uganda stretches from north to south of her western border line. Mt. Rwenzori (5,110m) ideal for mountaineering has permanent snow on her peaks all year round albeit in tropics and Muhabura volcanoes (4,127m), destination for Gorilla treks, are amongst most outstanding natural features of the region with an eco system that has very attractive scenic views to keen travellers’ eyes on Uganda tour may not be viewed anywhere else on Uganda safari.

 Uganda enjoys a pleasant climate all year round with a carpet of lush evergreen vegetation that appeals to travellers on safaris to Uganda. An extremely pleasant aquatic vegetation on shores of water bodies degenerates into thick equatorial rain forests, savannah grassland, bushes, shrubs and woodland and finally semi arid and open ground in very few places have a high concentration of game and plant species making potential of adventure safaris into Uganda need no further introduction.

With more than 50 ethnic groups of warm hearted and loving communities each different from the other in certain ways adventurers Travel to Uganda to discover the ties that have bound these people together from time immemorial.

Take safaris to Uganda with us and get whisked into a stunning undiscovered gem with serene and quiet corners and combines natural wonders, traditional Africa set up and modern convenience at pocket friendly rates. We are certain your tour to Uganda will stretch your imaginations and bring new experiences with every step taken on your safari.

Uganda safaris is one of the most exciting adventure one can ever take part in. It involves visiting the most incredible sites and carrying out the most thrilling activities, some of the activities travelers can ever carry out include:

Gorilla trekking, one of the prime activities carried out at Bwindi impenetrable forest in south western Uganda and at mgahinga national park. It the activity involves moving to the jungles in search for the gorillas (the gentle giants). Other primate activities include chimpanzee trekking that is mainly done Kibale forest also known the primate’s world, ngamba island and kyambura gorge at queen Elizabeth national park, monkeys also found at Kibale forest.

Game drive, this is perhaps another enchanting activities done while on a Uganda safari, it involves driving around various national parks across the country to view and appreciate the several wildlife species that are in the park.

Boat cruises / launch cruses at Kazinga channel and Murchison falls areas. This boat trip offer traveler’s closer look at several wildlife and bird species at the respective place where they are carries out.

Other activities include birding safaris usually done in many parts of the country especially forested areas this is because forests  consists  of a  huge population of bird species due availability of food and breeding grounds. Other birds can be found in the swampy area such as Mabamba swamps.


3 Day uganda gorilla tour

The 3 day Uganda gorilla tour offers the  brief but an exciting experiences of safaris in Uganda offering the best of gorilla trekking tours to Bwindi impenetrable forest and later carrying out community walk.

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queen elizabeth park chimpanzee trekking

5 Day uganda gorilla and wildlife safari

This Uganda safari consists  5 day Uganda gorilla and wildlife safari to bwindi and and queen Elizabeth national park These exercises are done in better places with

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queen elizabeth wildlife safaris

6 day gorilla and wildlife safaris

This Uganda safaris offers a 6 day lake mburo, Bwindi and queen Elizabeth safari. The activities include wildlife viewing through game drives at Lake Mburo national, gorilla trekking at Bwindi national park.

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