birding at queen Elizabeth national park

birding at  Queen Elizabeth national park, birding is a key activity this as result of the ever blooming bird species at the park. Following its categorization of as a relevant birding spot by the queen’s great variety of habitat. Queen Elizabeth national parks is home to 600 bird’s species crowing it the greatest with in east Africa by parks. With is the parks location in the savanna and closer to the Congo forest, it gives visitors opportunity to view east African species and west African species equally. 

Currently the park has an assortment water bird species, forest birds and woodland dwellers in the confluence of Maramagambo forest, include about 54 raptors and several migratory bird species .the common species and key birds include the African broad bill, verreaux’s eagle owl, black be eater, white-tailed lark, papyrus goanlek, pelicans, corncrake, greater flamingoes, shoe bill stocks and bar railed and so many more.

To carry out the most remarkable birding safaris at queen Elizabeth park, visit the birding spots such as Maramgambo, forest, kikorongo,Kazinga channel, kasenyi area, Katunguru Bridge, Mweya peninsula, ishasha sector.  

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