The Kazinga channel ( queen Elizabeth national park uganda )is a proximately 20 meters wide and 32 km long, the channel connecting the two Lakes; Lake Gorge (which is toward the east) and Lake Edward (which is toward the west). This channel is among the most essential elements in Queen Elizabeth National Park (which is the most very much loved park reserves in Uganda covering a whole land range of 1,978 sq. km). The channel has the great perspective of the most critical untamed life wanders inside Queen Elizabeth National Park.

On the Eastern side of the Kazinga Channel is Lake George a little lake with a general profundity of 2.4 meters and 250 sq. km. this lake is encouraged by streams spilling out of the fabulous Rwenzori Mountains only north of this lake. the outpouring from Lake Gorge courses through this Kazinga Channel and depletes west into the contiguous Lake Edward (which is among the fundamental new water lakes in Uganda) that covers an aggregate zone of 2 000 sq km.

The shores of this channel draw an expansive number of wild creatures, feathered creatures notwithstanding reptiles all as the year progressed, with one of the biggest populace of hippos in the entire world and also abundant Nile crocodiles. These creatures can be seen well on a lunch cruise journey down the course of the channel or probably at the passage of the stupendous Lake Edward. The Boat Cruise on the Kazinga Channel is greatly fulfilling and among the finest and most enjoyed dispatch – trips in the nation. The launch cruise  is worked from 3pm and 5pm nearby time, though also undertakings are done at 11am and 1 pm neighborhood time basing on the voyagers’ inclination ( booking is done at Mweya safari stop).

The Kazinga channel involves areas, for example, the North Kazinga notwithstanding the Kasenyi fields. It’s perceived that the fields of this channel offer amazing perspective purposes of spotting diversion. Through setting out on an amusement following voyage, you will have a superior approach to see the various untamed life/wildlife living around there inside its exceptionally perfect indigenous habitat, for example elephants , kobs, buffaloes notwithstanding other wild creatures that live inside the field bushes in the Northern Kazinga close to Mweya. In any case, The most helpful and good place to recognize the lions is inside the eastern segment of Kasenyi fields and also the Kasese street on which they go after the expansive number of occupant Uganda Kobs inside that region. This is the perfect time to having a game drive is in the mornings and additionally late in the evenings. It is the obligation of the range manual for offer you satisfactory data about the untamed life inside this stop, enable you to distinguish a portion of the natural life that you may have no seen or more all to guarantee that you have the most pleasurable circumstances and in addition significant experience on this safari.

Getting to Kazinga channel.

Since the channel is a water area, the only way of getting to explore it is through a pleasurable launch cruise/ boat cruise. The boat cruise commences from the Mweya peninsular that is situated 20 km off kasese – mbarara main road.