Shimba hills national reserve

The beautiful Shimba hills national reserve   is situated in the coastal coat of east Africa, approximately 33km from Mombasa Kenya’s Coastal city and 15km from the coastline making it one of the closest national reserves to the coast besides  Malindi marine national park.  The park constitutes of coastal rain forests, woodland and grassland vegetation, such integration of diverse vegetation make shimba hills national reserve quit a unique one.

Shimba hills national reserve, is filled with several plant species almost constituting of 50% of Kenya’s rare plant species such as the cycads and orchids that are endangered. The reserve is home to a huge number of elephants approximating to 700 which is arising an issue of sustainability  since it is said to be a threat to vegetation, other  wildlife found in the reserve include the monkeys, antelopes, water bucks, antelopes, buffaloes, giraffes, hyenas  and several bird species.

With the presence of the attractions in the  reserve, there is no doubt that the  reserve hosts  quit a number of unique activities  one can indulge in .

Below are some of the popular activities one can indulge in while at shimba national reserve


Guest / visitors at shimba national  reserve can go hiking with the most prominent point of hike being the pengo  hill that stands upto 450 meters above sea level, while at pengo hill, you will have the breath-taking view of the shimba hills projecting out so of the eccentric feature.

Game viewing.

With the wild gem that shimba national reserve is endowed with, there is no doubt ot a game viewing area. One will get to view and experience the huge numbers of elephants in what they would call a small surface.


Birding is shimba national reserve is another thrilling activity at the park, the presence of 3 distinct vegetation offers room for several bird species to exist in shimba national reserve, thereby making shimba national reserve a bird watchers paradise. Some of the notable species include: African fish eagle, Black-collared barbet,Brown-hooded kingfisher, Crested guineafowl,Golden palm weaver

Nature walk.

Appreciate nature especially where what to offer seems abundant, shimba  national reserve has got several tracks, that offers ample opportunities to mingle with mother nature  leaving you  in awe of what the reserve has got offer in terms of nature.

Cultural encounters

Shimba national reserve also neighbours communities habited  by people of local heritage, going to mingle and learning about the local go about their life’s can also be an opportunity to get to learn about cultures or top up  the rich experiences on  can about cultures already.

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