Mount elgon national park.

Mount elgon national park is situated in the   140 Km  the North east of Lake Victoria its named after an extinct volcano Mount Elgon,  it shared between Uganda and Kenya and it covers an area of 1279 square Kilometres, the  mount elgon national park Kenya side  covers an area of  169v quare Kilometre while  the Ugandan side  covers a area of 1110 square Kilometre . the Uganda section  was declared national park in the year 1992 while the Kenya side  wad declared national park in the year 1968.

Mount Elgon national park is moist to moderate dry in terms of climate and as well receives an annual rainfall of 1270milimtrees. The dry months stretch from the month of June to August to December.

Mount Elgon national park Vegetation is characterised with montane forest, heath and moorlands characterised with giant lobelia , gorundsel plants. The vegetation is distributed accorded to the height above sea level (altitude.

Wildlife of Mount Elgon national park

Mount elgon national park is blessed with several wildlife species with two of the big five (elephants and buffaloes) can be traced in the lower part of the mountain.  Other small wildlife and primates such as the black and white colobus monkey can be found there, duiker’s antelopes, blue monkey and red tail monkeys can also be found.

Bird species in Mount elgon national park

Mount elgon national park is also littered with a wide a ray of birds amounting to 144 species some species are unique that that they cannot be traced elsewhere. Some of the species include the jacksons spur fowl, endangered lammergeyer,  hartlaub’s turaco , tacazze sunbird,  eastern bronze naped pigeon and many more.

Activities done at mount elgon national park

Mount elgon national parj has got  a number of activities   on which the visitors  can indulge in while on a tour  to elgon . some of  the common activities one can do include   hiking the mountain, bird watching, nature walks  among others.

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