Victoria Falls Zambia

Victoria Falls is   a water fall situated in Zambezi River in Zambia and Zimbabwe. Its also referred to as  mosi oa tunya  “the thundering water”  in lozi the local language, and  in Tonga local language : Namutitima “boiling water”. Victoria falls is also considered the world’s largest water falls, covering and area of 1,708 metres (5,604 ft).

The Victoria falls derive its name after Queen Victoria of Britain, named by Livingstone who was believed to have been the first European explore of Scottish decent   to see the water falls, he sighting of the water falls was from the two islands or the land masses that are situated in the river that pours its water into the Victoria falls. The locals referred to the falls as mosi ao tunya which means the waters that thunders. Both names Victoria Falls and mosi oa tunya were taken by UNESCO hence making it a world heritage site. There were also other local names given the falls such as the Seongo or Chongwe which meant the place of rainbow as a result of the gushing waters that create a spectrum of colors that look a rainbow.

Victoria falls is major attraction in both Zambia and in Zimbabwe as it sees several visitors visit the area all your round to experience the splendor of the water waters as well the activities that the presence of such an amazing feature brings.

Activities done in the area of Victoria Falls include

Water rafting.

Bungee jumping.


Livingstone Island, devils pool.


Visiting the devils pool on the clif.


Horde trailing

Elephants trails

Under spray experience which is seasonal, it runs from August to January

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