What to do in Zambia

What to do in Zambia : Zambia filled with a variety of attractions , to mention national parks, water falls , cities, lakes  and rivers  have equally created thrilling activities that’s keep its visitors entertained all year round.   Activates are distributed in various locations across the country. Below are some of the most notable activities done in Zambia.

Guided safaris.

 Guided safaris in Zambia create one of the biggest activities done while on A zambia safari. The activity simply involve heading to various national parks across the country and engaging in activities that the national park avails. Some of the activities done while on  guided safari  include game drives in various national parks, boat cruise,  guide nature walks in the park/ walking safaris, birding safaris, hiking trails, bird watching among others.

Birding safaris/ Bird watching

Bird watching as an activity in Zambia has evolved overtime, the country is filled several birds species distributed in various birding watching destination across the entire country.  One of the most amazing  way to catch Zambia bird species is by taking a canoe trip n river Zambezi, the river is filled with multiple bird species. Another notable bird watching destination is Lochinvar national park a small park with the Kafue river flood plains. Birding safaris are not only restrictive to the mentioned destination but rather spread across other parks, lakes and rivers across the country.

Water sports on Zambia.

Zambia is blessed with several attractions, among them is the lakes and rivers  with have the lead to the creations of several unique features such as water falls, water rapids and  hence brought forth the rise of unique water sports. Some of the most notable water sports on Zambia include Kayaking, white water rafting, and river boarding among others.

Fishing trips

With the abundant of water bodies littered all over Zambia, its no doubt Zambia is one of the top Africa fishing trips spot. While on the fishing tour will may  capture and experience that most common fish species in Zambia.

Visiting sites

one of the most visited is site in Zambia is the Victoria falls in the southern part of the country bordering Zambia and Zimbabwe.  other place can be the mines, zambezi river, lakes, cities and many more.

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