Best time to visit Zambia

Best time to visit Zambia: Have you ever asked yourself what the best time to visit Zambia really is? Well Zambia as a travel destination that is pretty much visited all year round.  But   there are those months or times of the year where conditions are perfect especially parting the weather and perfect timing for holidays.

Zambia lies in the subtropical region whose weather is characterized by wet and dry season instead of  winters and summer , therefore  is more  convenient to travel in Zambia in the dry seasons since the dry seasons offer the best conditions for adventure  activities such as guided safaris, city tours , site visits and many more.

The dry seasons in Zambia run from May to October and this best conditions to visit the national parks for the wildlife adventure safaris and viewing. December  to April is when the rains are  heavy and its season also known as the green season since the vegetation  gets really grown up and in the national parks the vegetation’s gets pretty much think therefore rendering it difficult to spot the wildlife/ wild animals.  If you intend to travel during the rainy season, you have to note that due to the heavy downpour, some  accommodation facilities i.e. lodges and camps close up due flooding that is caused because of the heavy downpour.

For those who wish to visit Victoria falls one of the top attractions in Zambia, it should be done during the month of  at the end of the rainy season in moths of  March  and May. This is because when you visit the falls in Zambia in the dry season, you will find less water close to dry since there is no lots of water feeding the falls from the rain. So one may have to cross to the Zimbabwe side of the falls to have a awesome experience of the Victoria Falls in the dry season. Always ensure that if you intend to have experience of the falls it has to be at the end of the dry rainy ore wet season in the above mentioned months.

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