Kakamega forest national reserve

Kakamega forest national reserve is another remnant of the natural tropical forest, its situated in Kakamega country of Kenya, West of the country and north west of Nairobi Kenya’s capital city.  The forest spans an area of 238 square kilometres an area occupies by mostly the forested areas, as you travel north wards, an area spanning 45km is mainly forested and it was given the national park forest status in the year in 1985.

The forest reserve receives  plenty of rainfall  throughout the year amounting to  1200mm- 1700mm, with heaviest  rains being in the months of April – May  they get lighter during the month of June. The ternperatures are stable during the year amounting to  20cc- 30cc.

Kakemega forest  reserve is gifted with several  plant species  some of which include Elgon teak (Olea welwitschii), red stinkwood (Prunus africana), white stinkwood, several varieties of croton, and Pouteria altissima.


Kakamega forest national reserve is also endowed with several birds species amounting to 380, some of which are forest birds, savannah birds and water birds. Some of the common species are the great blue turaco and black-and-white-casqued hornbill. It’s noticed that about 9 species in Kamakemga forest national reserve  cannot be traced any where else.


Kakamega forest is truly a wildlife haven, its rich in several wildlife species, the most notable one being  the   debrazza monkeys, bushpigs, baboons, pottos monkeys,  redtail monkeys, baboons,  leopards,  vervet monkey, porcupines, bats,  giant African water shrew, squirrels, pangolins , among others.


Activities at Kakamega national reserve

the deserve hosts quit a number of activities has  from time to time attracted visitors. the activities , primate walking/ trekking, hiking,  nature walks Birding among others.


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