Ruma national park

Ruma national park is a little Kenya national park located in  western Kenya  close to the shores of lake Victoria, the park is about 137km from Kisumu   the major town. The parks location is  in the Nyanza province with the endangered Roan Antelopes  as the  parks most common inhabitants and most protected.  The park was started in the year 1996  known as the Lambwe valley gam reserve. The reserve was later given a national park status and re- named Ruma  after a renown Kenyan wizard  who was much feared amongst the people of the Gor Mahia  who settled around the park.  The park  occopues major expanses of the lambwe valley.

Ruma national park

Besides the endangered roan antelope,  ruma national park is also home to the  Afrinca leopards, hippos, eastern black rhinos, lewel hartebeestsm  oribis, cape buffaloes, olive baboons,  bohor reedbuscks, hyenas, servalsm hone badgers, bush pigs,monkeys topis among others. The park is also home to over 400 species of birds .   Ruma national park is actually very rich in wildlife giving rise to several activities.


Game viewing

With the several species of wildlife in park, Ruma national park makes an amazing wildlife game viewing/ watching area.


With over 400 birds species, ruma national park is by no means a bird watchers haven there by making it an awesome birders destination.

Nature walks.

Ruma national park offers a lot of rich biodiversity  and one of the most accurate ways to explore  is through taking a nature walk


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