Hiking  in malawi

 Hiking in malawi: Hiking is  yet another awesome activity enjoyed year round by several travelers  that make their way to the warm heart of Africa ( Malawi).  Hiking in  Malawi is predominantly carried out in the coolers areas  to mention plateau, hills and  forests.

Mountain mulanje/ the mlanje massif guarantees the  most incredible experience regarding the hiking safari in Malawi.  Mulanje has got quite a number of huts that several hikers, can take refuge in while on the strenuous hike to the various peaks of mulanje.  The hike on mulanje also guarantees scenic views of the tea estates between Blantyre and Mulanje.

Another yet amazing hiking spot worth exploring is Nyika plateau, the plateau is less rugged and filled with several trails therefore offering much more experience to the hikers. The plateaus also welcomes those that love to camp for a few more days after the hike.

Viphya highlands also offers a lot of experience in regards to hiking. The highland if filled with natural forests and several trails therefore making yet another hiking spot.

Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve also makes a perfect   place for hiking loving people, the reserve is a complete wilderness with rivers gushing out and flowing into the forests, this offers a rich nature experience. Make it a getaway.

Other hiking spots  include  zomba plateau,  in the south of Lilongwe  lies another spot  the Dedza Highland,  chongoni Rock Art site a UNESCO world Heritage Site.

Hiking in malawi

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