Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi is one of the country’s biggest tourist attraction, it can only be comparable to an inland ocean or sea in this beautiful East African nation name Malawi. Filled  with gold sand beaches,  crystal clear waters and several  beautiful rocky islands perched all over the lake makes lake Malawi search irresistible attraction that leaves one in awe. No wonder Lake Malawi is such a collector of visitors both local and international who flock the shores to catch a glimpse if not all the experience of Lake Malawi. Activities range from beach sports to boat cruises, snorkeling, scuba diving among others.

lake malawi

Lake Malawi measures approximately 360 miles northwards and 52 miles wide, hence granting it the name of the calendar lake. As one extends the north, Lake Malawi gets abnormally deep, explaining some of the characteristics of its formation    as a rift valley lake, the lake depth in the northern sector can be quantified to 700 meters deep, yes deep.

The presence of varied species of fish have led to the led to increase of fishing activity and an economic activity done the locals around the Lake Malawi. Lake Malawi indeed has contributed tremendously to the economy of Malawi this explains why there are numerous fishing villages dotted across the shores of this beautiful lake.

Activities conducted at lake Malawi

As hinted in the  above paragraph, lake Malawi is such a sanctuary and splendor oozing with several activities with the dominant ones being water sports. Some of the common water sports include Kayaking and sailing on the crystal clear water with one of amazing sightings being able to see the shadow of yourself and the kayak being casted on the lake floor ‘’amazing isn’t it’’, snorkeling is yet another activity conducted in the lake in a hope to view the several fish species in the lake, scuba diving  is also another amazing activity  done in the lake and amazing activity that seen the springing up of schools that teach scuba diving . Other activities include boat trips, and yatches that cruise on the lake offering scenic getaways to experience the lake.

lake malawi scuba diving

Places to visit in Lake Malawi.

For any Lake Malawi lover, there quit a number place you can have or begin your Lake Malawi experience from. In the southern part of Lake Malawi along monkey bay and Mangochi has got a wide concentration of beaches, safari lodges and activities that will keep any travellers at bay, the bay is close to  cape clear which also harbours lake Malawi national park a unesco world heritage sites.

Central Malawi senga Bay is Another amazing place to relax from, its filled with several hotels and lodges and water activities,  senga bay is the closest part of lake Malawi  to Lilongwe  the country’s capital city.

Other places include nkhata bay in the northern part of lake Malawi, likoma islands , manda wilderness among others.

lake malawi

cichlids fish in lake malawi

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