Nyika national park

Nyika national park is located in  Northern Malawi,  about 480km  from the capital Lilongwe,  the  park is located in Nyika plateau,The Work Nyika means “’place of water’’.. The park covers an area of 1250 square miles pushing through the Nyika plateau making it the largest in Malawi.  This raised platform amounting to 8000ft above sea level makes Nyika form such an incredible view that apparently cannot be sited anywhere else in Africa topped by the availability of wildlife that keeps scampering in the park.

There is no doubt Nyik forms a great  water catchment area in the whole of Malalwi  explaining  the meaning of it name which means ‘’place where water comes from’’.  Nyika forms a somewhat montane vegetation that has led to the thriving   wildlife species such as the antelopes, duikers, elands, zebras, bush bucks, hyenas, jackals, elephants, warthogs among others.

The park also supports the existence and thriving of several bird species, amounting to 400 species thereby making it a bird watchers paradise. The park also supports other activities to mention biking/cycling and hiking in and around the national park.

Some of the accommodation options near the park include chelinda camp, chelinda lodge among others.

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