Best time to visit Zimbabwe

Best time to visit Zimbabwe: Best time to visit Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe being a sought after travel destination as a result of several attractions that have picked travellers interests, some of which include  Victoria Falls, national park, hiking places, cities, among others. Like any other amazing destinations, Zimbabwe are has go the most ample time to visit in order to experience its splendour in full.

With moderate temperatures characterized by no rains,  with law prevalence of malaria, the  dry months of May to October are best months for game viewing in Zimbabwe, also keep in mind that the months of October and November are extremely hot and dry months.

Also to have a great experience of Victoria Falls, Zambabwe’s iconic travel destination  the best time is at the end of summer  when there is plenty of water to fill the pools. The months  between April and May are  the most appropriate.  Note that the months between August  and December are the best to  do white water rafting since the levels of the  water pretty much low due to dry spell therefore the water rapids are exposed which is a good gesture for conducting white water rafting

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