Victoria falls Zimbabwe

Victoria falls Zimbabwe: Victoria Falls is an iconic feature shared between Zimbabwe and Zambia, in this specific write up we will focus on Victoria falls that is situated on the Zimbabwe side. Victoria   falls is by all means  world wonder known as the ‘’smoke that thunders” in the local language of Tonga  in reference to the  sounds that it makes as the water gashes through the canyons and falls freely down he cliffs.  Victoria Falls contains one of the largest curtains of free falling water in the world with 70% of its views being observed from Zimbabwe rain forest. The rain forest partially developed because of the constants sprays of water that occurs 24/7 due to the always spraying water falls.

The rain forest has also turned out to be an amazing attraction due to the presence of unique birds species that reside in it , therefore  Victoria falls in Zimbabwe has turned out be a bird watchers paradise.

Best time to visit victoria falls zimbabwe

Also to have a great experience of Victoria Falls, Zambabwe’s iconic travel destination  the best time is at the end of summer  when there is plenty of water to fill the pools. The months  between April and May are  the most appropriate.  Note that the months between August  and December are the best to  do white water rafting since the levels of the  water pretty much low due to dry spell therefore the water rapids are exposed which is a good gesture for conducting white water rafting

Victoria Falls with its breath taking views and splendor has attracted and will continue to attract several visitors visit to take part in the numerous activities.  Some of the most common activities in the park include;

  • zip lining,
  • bungee jumping,
  • white water rafting
  • Big tree tour
  • Fishing In Zambezi River.
  • Game drive in Hwange national park.
  • Fishing in Zambezi River.
  • Flying fox.
  • Helicopter ride.
  • Lion walk.
  • Nile crocodile farm
  • Bike tour
  • Crocodile cage diving.

Accommdation at victoria falls zimbabwe.

For one to have a full experience of Victoria falls, a day isn’t just enough  but rather one must stay  for more than just a day . therefore to make this memorable there has got be some awsome  accommodation facilities to mention lodges, guest houses and hotels. Below are some the accommodation options   available at Victoria falls.

  • Cresta Spray view
  • Batonka Lodge
  • Livingstone Lokuthula Lodge
  • Falls Hotel Victoria
  • Falls Rainbow
  • A’Zambezi River Lodge
  • Kingdom Hotel Victoria
  • Falls Safari Lodge Ilalla Lodge
  • Victoria Falls Safari Club
  • Elephant Hills Resort Hotel
  • Stanley and Batonka Lodge

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