uganda physical features and land forms

Uganda physical features and landforms : Get on safari to Uganda and explore lands and landform features that are so unique and attractive to the eye. The uniquely flat plains of the Albertine rift valley are packed to the brim with savannah greenery and other vegetation and form the main arena for Uganda tour activities. The mighty Nile River with her roaring rapids splits the Murchison Falls National Park plains and is a special blessing to all wildlife. Travelers on safaris to Uganda explore Lake Victoria; the second largest inland water body after Lake Superior with beautiful floating islands and elongated white sand beaches for water sports, relaxation and retreat. Ruwenzori Mountains alias Mountains of the Moon at 5109m above sea level has always been centre of exploration and discovery and the largest range on the African continent offering Mountaineers on safari to Uganda a worthy challenge. Descend to the bed of the western arm of the great African rift valley splits Uganda from north to south on safari into Uganda and refresh your body and mind exploring lots of beautiful natural land features. Steep escarpments, craters, crater lakes, meandering rivers, deltas, hot springs, waterfalls and many other landforms are so attractive to the roving eye offering rejuvenating exercise for both body and soul with refreshing activities

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