Rwanda re-opens for tourism

Rwanda re-opens for tourism: As  the world grapples covid 19,  So much anticipation   has been moving left and right regarding when Rwanda  will re-open for tourism. Just like Rwanda’s east African counter parts, Rwanda has re-opened for tourism.  In official statement issued by Rwanda Development Board, a body that is responsible for tourism in Rwanda, the country is set to resume its full tourism activities effective 17th July 2020 along with international travel with chatter flights.

Rwanda Development board also assures that the health of travelers, visitors is their top priority, therefore robust standard procedures have been put into consideration to make sure the health of the visitors/ tourists in check.

Rwanda’s reopening for tourism comes along with very attractive packages that be been put together by RDB and private sector   to mention tour operators among others. The packages are geared to make sure that travelers have the best of Rwanda’s top attractions whilst ensuring that the price is fair to them.

Stills asserting to the opening, RDB chief tourism officer Belise Kariza also said this packages also meant to create a conducive and safe environment for the visitors and tour operators to thrive is this unprecedented period. They also encouraged all forms of travel enthusiasts to mention hikers, explorer, trekkers name it to grab this advantage to get to experience beauty and splendor of Rwanda

Below are some of the promotional incentives valid till 31 December 2020.

Gorilla permits now go for 200usds for East African community members residing in Rwanda, 500 usds for foreign residents and 1500usds for non-east African flying in with charters.

There are also special packages put together for groups, corporations and families intending to visit Volcanoes National park Rwanda and Nyungwe forest national park.

Below are some of the precautionary procedures to follow while traveling in the country.

All domestic travelers who intend to visit nyungwe forest national park as well as Volcanoes national park are supposed to test negative of the covid 19 virus within 48hours prior to traveling. Also private testing centers have been put up in petit stade, amahoro national stadium in Kagali city

All visitors flying into the country with chartered flights must test negative for covid 19 virus prior to their travel.  They will also be subjected to a second test before visiting the attractions in Rwanda.

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