Ngorongoro park  fees

Ngorongoro park  fees : Ngorongoro conservation area is pretty much of the most sought after destination while on a Tanzania safari.  However for anyone to have access to this incredible land mark, he or she has to make payments to have access. Ngorongoro   park entry fees is simply the conservation tariffs that every visitor regardless has to remit to the Park Authorities before making their way into the national park/ conservation area for any tourism activities.  Note the payment is valid for 24 hours and after the 24 hours one has to make another payment if there are going to spend more time in the park.

 Ngorongoro conservation park fees payments are limited also made in banks as compared to national parks in other countries.  So for one to make any payments in regards of Ngorongoro park entry fees, it has  to be through a designated bank  then later a receipt  is issued to you that contains the serial number. The receipt is later handed to the park gates   while making entry to Ngorongoro conservation area. There with most of the electronic payments platforms in place, use of cash for as park entry fees to Ngorongoro is discouraged.

Another means of paying for the Ngorongoro conservation entry fees is through used of credit or debit cards ie visa cards, master cards. The funds are deducted from ones card up to the tunes of the park charge authorised by the card owner. Note that the cards transaction may attract a minimal charge to cater for the transaction costs.

Conservation park fees for Ngorongoro conservation Area

Non EA Citizen US$ Expatriates / Residents US$
People above 16 years of age 60  30
Persons between 5- 15 years 20 10
Children below 5 years free free

Vehicle entry fees to the park ( this applies to all Tanzania national park)

Tanzania & EAC Private TShs Foreign Registered US$
Tare weight up to 2000 kgs 20,000  40
Tare weight between 2001 – 3000 kgs 35,000 150
Tare weight between 3001 – 7000 kgs 60,000 200
Tare weight above 7001 kgs – 10000 kgs 150,000 300

 Open vehicles will be charged 50% extra of the normal vehicle fee.

Charge for  vehicle causing  accidents     Tsh 200,000.

Charge for over speeding                           Tsh 50,000.

Fees for Tanzanian registered (noncommercial vehicle/trailers, boats & aircrafts) stationed in the park per year (When carrying tourists such vehicles shall pay relevant fees)

Tare weight between 2001 – 3000 kgs. TShs 100,000

 Tare weight over 7001 kgs – 10000 kgs TShs 200,000

Tractor,trailers and boats. TShs 50,000

Aircraft TShs 200,000

Camping fee  for various public campsites in Ngorongoro and other national parks across Tanzania.

Camping for 16 years olds above                    usd 30

Camping for people between 5-15years       usds 5

Camping for children below 5 years               free.

Charges for fly camping in Ngorongoro and other Tanzania national parks

Fly camping charges for 16 years and above             usds 50

Fly camping charges for 12-15 years of age              usds 10

Charges for  walking safaris the  conservation area

Short walks around the park for adults amounting to 1-4 hours                usds 20

Short walks for children 12 years and above                                                 usds 10

Long walks from 4 hours for adults                                                                usds 25

Long walks for children 12 above                                                                    usds 15

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