Biggest gorilla ever

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Have you ever wondered what the biggest gorilla that has ever lived is, this questions is a frequently asked question. Well look no further, the biggest gorilla that has ever lived was named titus that lived in virunga national park. Titus the biggest gorilla that ever lived was born in August 24th 1974 in virunga national park, Titus the gorilla lived for 24 years and died on September 14th 2009.

Gorillas are the largest primates in the world and share 98% of DNA humans hence springing the name gorilla cousins, gorillas are   about 15 times stronger than humans making them very magnificent creatures and primates.  Gorillas are divided into two sub species   namely the eastern gorillas which consists of the mountain gorillas and eastern lowland gorillas, the second’s sub species of gorillas is the western gorillas which consists of the   western lowland gorillas and river gorillas.

Gorillas are generally considered endangered, this is attributed to several factors   some of which include the following ;  the gorillas are  considered endangered  because of habitat loss to  humans who  encroach on the homes of gorillas in search land for  agriculture and settlement .  Gorillas are also considered endangered because of widespread poaching   conducted by the locals who hunt gorilla for their meat as well as trafficking across different parts of the world. However, the lives of gorillas is being slowly  saved from the gruesome activities by organization such as the wildlife conservation society who are the forefront of making sure lots of conservation activities  are being implemented.

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