Central Kalahari  game reserve

Central Kalahari  game reserve is  a national park in Botswana extending from the Kalahari desert section  of Botswana. The park was formed in the year 1961 and spans an area of   52,800km2 which is pretty much bigger than Holland as nation, the park also covers literally 10% of Botswana’s land bringing it to a record breaking position of the  2nd largest game reserve in the  world and simply nested in the center of Botswana

central kalahari national reserve

Central Kalahari game reserve is  home to several wildlife   some of  which  include the giraffes, lions, cape buffaloes,   brown hyena , honey badgers, zebras, lions, kudus, sable antelopes,  spotted hyena,  gemsbok, springbok, leopards,  cheetahs, Bart eared fox, jackals, hares, cape porcupine,  elands, impalas, aardvark , cape ground squirrel, white rhinos,  elephants, ostriches, red hartebeests ostriches among others.  Central Kalahari game reserve consists of a flat terrain, gently adulating   covered with grass on extended lands of sand dunes and some parts covered with larger trees. Several of the river valleys are solidified and filled with salt pans.

The game reserve area was  occupied by the Bushmen also known as the San people, the have  stayed and roamed around the  reserve area for over  a thousand years  living their simple lives of hunting and gathering. But around the year 1990s the government decided to relocate them after they were being seen as depleting the natural resources despite being given proceeds from the tourism activities. In the year  1997 the government located a fraction amounting three quarters of the  bushmen or  san people. Again in the year 2005 the government of Botswana forcefully evicted the bushmen and took them into the settlements camps leaving a about only 250 of them in  park as permanent settlers.  The the year 2006, the court of Botswana proclaimed the eviction of the bushmen from their original land was unjust and illegal and they were granted the rights to   assume their land.  In the 2015  the bush men were again banned from accessing their land in the land  and deemed all hunting activities by the bush men in the park as illegal  but only granted the private game reserve to  practice spot hunting   as an activity to  done by the tourists.

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