Do gorillas swim?

Do gorillas swim: The question always asked by many is whether gorillas swim. Many times water has been used as barrier or a ring fence for gorillas in various   zoos across the world. This is because gorillas do not  know or like  swimming  one of fact distinctively  that differentiates them from the human cousins. Whereas human enjoy water prefer swimming or even learn how to swim, gorillas prefer being far or distant from water.

In the wild as well, gorillas prefer crossing water from the shallow ends instead opting to cross while swimming as many would assume. But in the recent times, researchers have provided video of a some gorillas swimming and diving into water, but instead of swimming like any other terrestrial mammals of lading on water and start to paddle, it was bizarre to see that the gorillas were using some of kind of breast stroke, a swimming style most common to human beings.

In conclusion based in  research, on  rare occasions  you may counter gorillas swimming.

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