Why are gorillas endangered?

Why are gorillas endangered?: Common questions, isn’t it?  Many people often ask why gorillas are endangered. Well let’s start by giving a brief description of gorilla to be precise the mountain gorillas are seem to be more endangered gorilla species. Mountain gorillas (gorilla beringei bringei) are the largest apes and primates that are subspecies of Eastern gorillas that are flagged off as endangered. They occupy the virunga listed in the countries of Rwanda at volcanoes national park, Congo at virunga national park, Uganda at Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and in Mgahinga gorilla national park.

Below are some of the reasons why gorillas are being deemed endangered?

Habitat loss

The mountain gorillas live pretty much close the humans and due to the population explosions ,   humans have started slowly but surely encroaching on the gorilla natural habitat, therefore engaging in activities such as deforestation or simply cutting down the trees , vegetation for settlement. The human encroachment on the gorilla habitats have also indirectly interfered in their breeding patterns therefore drastically bringing down their population.

Cultural beliefs of the local living around the gorillas.

The locals living around the areas of gorillas have certain perception such as thinking that some gorilla body parts can heal certain ailments therefore triggering poaching of the gorillas in order to get their healing body parts. This practice has however led to the reduction of the mountain gorilla population.


Gorillas are also poached/ hunted down for their meat.  Some locals enjoy gorilla meat, therefore take it upon themselves to illegally hunt gorillas for their meat.

Oil and gas exploration

Gorilla life’s are also jeopardized as a result of mining activities, with most recent one being an oil exploration project in DR Congo   around the virunga area which also doubles as the home for the  Congo  gorillas.

Civil wars

The wars especially in the Congo Area have significantly  been responsible for the endangerment of the gorillas population, this is because the rebels  shoot and kill some of  gorillas they come across during  their operations.

Elicit wildlife trade

The mountains gorilla population have also been endangered as a result of the illegal trade of wildlife such as gorillas.


The gorilla populations have also been endangered as a result of  sickness, since gorillas  share a greater percentage of DNA with humans, they are also prone to the diseases that humans transmit  with the most common one being ebola.



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