17 interesting  Facts about Rwanda

17 interesting facts about Rwanda :  Rwanda or the republic of Rwanda also referred to as the land of a thousand hills is landlocked country that is situated in East African. To her North is Uganda, to the west is Democratic Republic of Congo, to the South is Burundi and Tanzania to the East. Rwanda obtained it independent from the Belgium government in the year 1962 under the leadership of the President Gregory Kayibanda.

Below of are some of the 17 facts about Rwanda you know little about.

  1. Rwanda holds the record of being the only country in the world where the President (the fountain honour) participates in the general cleaning of the country alongside the citizens in an even known as the Omuganda Day. This practice has however made Rwanda one of the cleanest Countries in Africa.
  2. Rwanda is running towards being the top five most developed countries, thanks to the strict leadership in the country that favours development.
  3. Rwanda also holds a record of having the highest representation of women in Parliament up the tune of 60% representation of women in parliament.
  4. Rwanda is also listed as the having the fasted connectivity of internet in Africa, this is done in a bid to enhance development in technological advancement.
  5. Rwanda also doubles as of the highest in pioneering digital advancement in terms systems  such as financial systems, service provision systems among others.
  6. Regarding doing business, according to world bank, Rwanda comes 2nd in Africa nest to Mauritius  in providing the most favourable atmosphere to do business both for investors and the locals.
  7. Rwanda is the cleanest in Africa and holds a substantial position in the entire regarding cleanliness.
  8. Rwanda’s Government also orchestrated the mining or extraction of methane gaz from the lake and later transformed the gas to  generate electricity  for use in different
  9. Kigali, Rwandas capital is also considered the cleanest Cities in the African, actually the cleanest city in Africa.
  10. Rwanda as a country consists of 23 lakes and many rivers.
  11. Rwanda obtained its independence in 1962
  12. Rwanda is also known as the land of a thousand hills and has five volcanoes namely Mount karisimbi, Muhabura, Sabyinyo, Bisoke and Gahinga.
  13. Rwanda has 4 national parks where tourist visit and they include Volcanoes national park Rwanda famous for mountain gorilla trekking,  nyungwe forest national park famous ofr chimpanzee trekking, AKagera national park known for hosting wildlife including the big five and finally Gishwati  Mukura national park that was recently turned into the national park.
  14. Despite the 1994 genocide incident, Rwanda is currently one of the most peaceful countries in the world.
  15. Rwanda security forces / Rwanda defense forces is among the most successful in the African, this is attributed to their high level of organization and professionalism usually exhibited in the UN peace keeping missions across Africa.
  16. Rwanda is also endowed with several attractions that have from time to time attracted numerous visitors to visit Rwanda some of which include National parks, museums, culture, lakes among others.
  17. Rwanda was also the first African country to use drones for the delivery of medical equipment’s, blood and other medical supplies.

End of 17 interesting facts about Rwanda.

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