Serengeti park fees

Serengeti Park fees : Serengeti national park is a popular national park in Tanzania situated in the northern region of the country, the park receives many tourists throughout the year and it famous for the massive annual migration of wildebeests and zebras. Serengeti park fees were drafted by Tanzania National Park (TANAPA) which manages the park, these fees were drafted basing on status of the tourist , status using when charging fees in Serengeti national park as per TANAPA include.

Expatriates/residents – this status refers to individuals living in Tanzania and according to TANAPA regulations they must have one of the following documents such as Resident permits class A,B and C, exemption certificate, temporary pass attached with government receipt and acknowledgement letter, diplomatic passport or ID

EAC (East Africa Community) Citizens – nationals of Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan. These people are mandated to produce valid passports at the gates of Serengeti.

Serengeti national park fees are as follows

Park entry fees

In Serengeti national park, park entry fees are charged to every individual accessing the park for a safari, these fees are charged as per age of the tourist and the status.

Status Non-East Africa Citizen (US$) Residents/ Expatriates (US$)
Above the age of 16 years 60 30
Between the age of 5-15 years 20 10
Children below the age of 5 years free free

Note: Park entry fees in Serengeti national park include a game drive


Activities in Serengeti national park are charged fees as declared by TANAPA

Activity Adults Fees (Tshs) Children (Tshs)
Walking safaris  
Short walks (1-4 hours) 20 10
Long walks (above 4 hours ) 25 15


Filming fees

Filming fees in Serengeti national park are applicable to all nationalities entering the park for filming purposes, these fees include entrance, camping and filming for every individual.

  • All individuals US$300

Video shooting fees

Video shooting fees are for recording of music video or movies per group of 2-20 individuals, these fees are payable on top of the conservation fees

  • Park US$ 100
  • TANAPA headquarters US$ 50

Motor Vehicle entry fees

Motor vehicles entering Serengeti national park are charged a certain fees which are structured depending on status of the vehicle and its weight.

Weight Tanzania and EAC private vehicles (Tshs) Foreign registered (US$)
Tare weight up to 2000 kgs 20,000 40
Tare weight between 2001-3000kgs 35,000 150
Tare weight between 3001-7000 kgs 60,000 200
Tare weight above 7001 kgs – 10,000 kgs 150,000 300
Open vehicles 50%of normal vehicle fee 50% of normal vehicle fee

Vehicles stationed in the park (non-commercial)

Vehicles stationed in the park charged a declared fee by TANAPA structured depending on the weight, these fees are Tanzanian registered non commercial vehicles carrying tourists.

weight Fees (Tshs)
Tare weight up to 2000 kgs 50,000
Tare weight between 2001-3000 kgs 100,000
Tare weight over 7001 kgs- 10000 kgs 200,000

Note: East Africa private vehicles are prohibited from conducting any tourism business in the park

Tractors, trailer, boat and aircrafts in Serengeti national park also pay fees as below

  Fees (Tshs)
Tractor and trailers 50,000
Aircraft 200,000

Air craft landing fees

All aircrafts landing in Serengeti national park are charged depending on the status of the aircraft (foreign aircrafts and local aircrafts) and the carrying capacity of the aircraft .

Carrying capacity Private (US$) Commercial (US$)
Foreign aircrafts
Up to 4 seater 50 120
5-12 seater 120 170
Over 13 seater 170 320
Local Aircrafts                                      Fees (Tshs)                                              Fees (Tshs)
Up to 4 seater 10,000 15,000
5-12 seater 15,000 20,000
13-20 seater 20,000 35,000
Over 20 seater 50,000 60,000

Camping fees                                                                                        

For camping experience every tourist is charged a fee, these fees are charged depending on the type of the camp and the age of the tourists and they are as follows

Type of the camp Fees (US$)

Public campsite

Above the age of 16 years 30
Between the age of 5 – 15 years 5
Children below the age of 5 years Free
Special and seasonal campsite
Above the age of 16 years 50
Between the age of 5 – 15 years 10
Children below the age of 5 years Free
Fly camping
Above the age of 16 years 50
Between the age of 5 – 15 years 10


Fine fees

In Serengeti national park mistakes made by vehicles are charged a fine as per TANAPA guidelines and park fees

Type of occurrence Fees(Tshs)
Fine for over speeding 50,000
Fine for vehicles causing accidents 200,000

 Other fees

Guide fee 10 US$

Park owned accommodation facilities

Serengeti national park owns accommodation facilities which open for the use of tourists visiting the park, these facilities are charged a fee per night.

Accommodation facility Fees (US$)
Hostels 10
Rest house 30

Points to Note

  • All fees in Serengeti national park are for single entry
  • All park permits are valid for 24 hours
  • All tourists should provide identification at the gates of the park
  • Fees once paid are not refundable.
  • All fees are VAT exclusive which is 18%
  • For video shooting consultations should be made with the park’s management

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