Park Entry Fees at Murchison Falls National Park.

Park entry fees for Murchison falls national park: Upon entering the Murchison falls national park, there is a specific fee and charge at the gate levied on every individual or a group of tourists to be able to access the park and enjoy the resources provided at the park. These fees/charges are used to run the parks projects, enhancement and its development and they are regulated by the Uganda Wildlife Authority as well indicated in the park entry fees document of 2018-2019. The Uganda Wildlife Authority is as well the governing body responsible for all the operations conducted at this particular park as well as more other safaris parks in the vicinity of Uganda.

These prices charged do not guarantee all the activities in the park as they only allow you to access the protected area. The activities the park provides are priced separately depending on the nature and type of the activity therefore it is very possible to access the park and do not use any of the services provided or you can get to have both access the park and the services basing on the fee that has been charged on you.

Because the Murchison falls is the largest park in Uganda after Queen Elizabeth national park, it holds the most of the lucrative and fancy places in Uganda that are highly expensive and therefore the fees charged are divided into categories; individual park entry fees and annual entry fees among many other fees.

Individual park entry fees.

This fee charged on every individual is further divided basing on the status of the guest and the charge is stipulated as follows, However, you have to know that the fees are payable per person per day and the amount slightly increases basing on the number of days one is to stay at the park.

Children, the price range for children varies accordingly from the foreign resident children, Foreign-none resident and the citizen and these ranges from 20USD, 10USD, and UGX 5000 for the citizens.

Adults, the adults comprise of all categories, the foreign residents, the foreign-none residents and the citizens of the country and the price range is as follows; A foreign non-resident is expected to pay an entrance fee of 40USD, the foreign resident 30USD and UGX 20,000 for the citizen.

Kindly note, the following terms used,

The citizen is a person belonging to that particular country, the foreign non-resident is a person who is visiting that particular country for some period of time and the foreign resident is that particular person living and residing in the particular country but is not a citizen of that country.

However, you can get to pay annually that is to say for per year and this is known as the Annual charge or fee. Its payable annually and this can be done by a specific individual who uses the park on a daily basis or by a corporate group or company and the prices is as follows;

Annual entry fee,

This as well applies to different categories of individuals but its only payable the foreign residents and visitors who are citizens of the country. The foreign residents are entitled to pay 350 USD, and UGX 150,000 for visitors who are citizens and a family with a maximum of four children are entitled to pay 700USD for foreign residents and UGX 300,000 for a family who are citizens.

Annual park entry fee for a corporate group/ Company,

This also applies to only the foreign residents and the citizens. The Corporate group or company is entitled 1500 USD for the foreign residents and UGX 2.5 million for the corporate group or Company that are citizens.

Only the tour company drivers are exempted from any of the entry fees/charges at the park and on any other national park in Uganda. Also the en route pilots are not charged if at all they do not to stay for more than 2 minutes within the national park.

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