Kruger park gates

Kruger park gates : Perched within Limpopo and Mpumalanga province in north eastern part of South Africa, covering vast lands of 19,485 km2  lies the eccentric Kruger national park.Kruger national park forms one of the largest and  most incredible game Reserves in Africa with the parks headquarters in Shuzuka. The vast lands or areas of the current Kafue national park was protected in the year 1898 and was later made national park in the year 1926 therefore making it the republic of South Africa’s first national park.

Kruger national park also is situated in the west of Limpopo South Africa and in the East of of kruger national park is Mpumalanga province. The park also borders Zimbabwe in the East and Mozambique in the East. Kruger national park is filled with several wildlife some of which cannot be traced elsewhere in the world with the most popular big being the big five.  The park also alongside several incredible reliefs, flora and fauna.

For any traveler, visitor, tourist visiting the amazing Kruger national park, he or she has to go through the park gates (kruger park gates) .Kruger park gates are distributed across the different parts of kruger national park  giving access to visitors to access kruger from various convenient directions.

Malelane gate

Malelane gate is situated in the  southern part  of the Kruger national park.Malelane gate is apparently the closest gate to  Johannesburg South  Africa’s largest city and having the  biggest international airport. For visitors coming from  Joburg, the nearest access  gates to kruger national park.

Crocodile bridge gate

Crocodile bridge gate is is the south eastern part of the national park, its situated approximately 12km from komatipoort   the nearest town between the  Mozambique and south Africa.

Numbi Gate

Number gate is situated In the south western part of the park, numbi the most amazing park entrance to kruger national park this is because it is on a raised altitude giving any visitor an aswome view of low veld to the east with the granite foothills on the north and south.

Phabeni gate.

Phabeni gate  was opened in the year 2000, it is as well situated in the south Western part of the Kruger national park. It was opened to make it easy for the visitors accessing the park from Pretoria and Johannesburg.

Paul kruger gate.

Paul Kruger gate is situated in the south Western part of Kruger national park. The gate is the closest to  Shukuza and it the easiest to get in and get out of kruger national parks capital.

Orpen Gate.

Orpen gate is located in the western part of Kruger national park,   accessing this gate from Johannesburg takes approximately 6 hours’ drive.

Phalaborwa Gate

Phalaborwa gate is located in Northern part of Kruger national park, its where visitors can easily see wild dogs , therefore  its where there are the commonest sighting of wilddogs.

Giriyondo gate.

Giritondo park gate is located in the eastern part of the park, its one of the two access the links Kruger national park and Limpopo national park  in south Africa and Mozambique respectively.


Punda maria gate,

Punda maria gate is situated in the far northern part of the park, the gate offers direct access to the park from Guateng province of south Africa

Pafuri gate

Pafuri   gate is located in the northern part of the park. There actually two gates name pafuri  in the northern part of Kruger. It is also accessible from Johannesburg,  while driving it takes approximately 6 hours to get to pafuri gate.

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