Kidepo Valley National park

Kidepo Valley National Park 1,442km2 is the 3rd largest protected area in Uganda extreme north east on the borders with South Sudan and Kenya. The name says it all. Kidepo is semi arid flat plain with savannah grassland degenerating to woodland and scrub in some places. It is the wildest of the wild and a destination that awakens your adventure senses and letting you make hilarious discoveries of safaris to Uganda. Natural beauty in Kidepo just flows endlessly. Besides being the site with the biggest herds of buffalos to be seen on Uganda safari, Kidepo boasts of animals with the most beautiful colours patterns in Uganda; Leopards, giraffes, zebras, Cheetah, topi, kudu and many other beautiful antelope species. The lions in Kidepo are the most easy to track. Sometimes you can see them from the balcony of your tent loitering a few metres from the tourist camps and every night you sleep to their audible roars.


Kidepo plains are extravagantly blessed with no less than 420 recorded bird species and by far one of the best destinations for bird lovers on safari in Uganda. Ostrich; the largest land bird found nowhere else in Uganda are a common sight roaming the plains with their chicks. Other notable very rare bird species include Karamoja apalis, Ethiopian swallow, Yellow necked spurfowl, Brown backed wood pecker and many others arid species.

Early morning or late evening game drive open another page in your life of safari to Uganda and are the dream moments most likely you will meet big mammals on African continent. Enjoy a hot cup of coffee at bush breakfast or evening sun downer on your Ugandan tour and feel the blowing savannah winds as you listen to sweet tunes of tweeting birds and watch the sun disappear behind dark clouds. Many visitors opt for a guided walks to the Karimojong Manyatta; (pastoralist people homestead) that brings authentic memories of an Africa of the past before getting diluted by western civilisation.

For the travellers in search of fresh breath and tranquillity add Kidepo Valley National Park on your safari to Uganda. Kidepo is an absolute gem, drown yourself in the greenery of the wide savannah plains and get emotionally disconnected from modern civilisation and its boredom.

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