Located in western part of the country bordering Bushenyi in the south, Kabarole in the north and Kamwenge in the east. Queen Elizabeth national park is the major attraction there with key tourism areas of the park being the Kazinga channel, Lake George that gives you a view of different bird species, the hippos, the crocodiles, lake Katwe a place to do mining from, Mubuku and Kilembe and game drives in the north of the park giving you a view of the climbing lions, antelopes, kobs, elephants, buffaloes.

 The Rwenzori Mountain with Equatorial snow covered peaks, dense montane forest, the glacier rivers, primates and wonder features for example the deep gorges. Part of Kibale national park that is unique with primates, the chimps and the only remaining natural rain forest reserves recognized is also in Kasese.   The crafts and souvenir industry with the major market being in this area, Hotel and catering industry with Mweya being the outstanding accommodation for big spender tourists and hostels for Budget clients.

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