Sport fishing in Akagera national park

Sport fishing in Akagera national park: Akagera national park in Rwanda remain of those bewildering places that Rwanda as a nation has to guard dearly. The park is the only wildlife national park in the country and amazingly is home to the big five animals.  Akagera is also   known for having very unique activities besides game drives, birding, boat cruises and nature walks.  In this specific episode will delve into sport fishing in Akagera national park.

sport fishing in akagera national park

Sport fishing in Akagera national park is somewhat a unique activity carried out in lake shakani, the largest lakes in the park.  Sport fishing in Akagera is pretty much open to whoever finds and it befitting and fun. The activity gets to the maximum during the fishing tonourments that occur annually.

Sport fishing is at Lake Guarantee one an opportunity to catch   the different fish species to mention tilapia, cat fish among others, the activity also widens the scope of knowledge on the various fishing methods using various equipment from the traditional fishing methods to what is considered modern fishing.  So of the popular fishing methods one may explore include use of fish nets or gillnets, spearing, shooting, Lampara, hooking method, scoop net methods among others.

Fishing at Akagera national park is conducted by Akagera game lodge, and you are advised to carry your own fishing equipment since most of the equipment provided by the lodge can run out some time .

Below are a few prerequisite to getting fishing safari a success.

What is the cost of a fishing permit in Rwanda?

For one who is interested in   doing fishing safaris, you need to have fishing permit and it costs 25usds per person . Those who are interested in doing fishing safari, they ought to make prior booking as early as 6 months to the safari since permits run out during peak season.

Who qualifies to do fishing safaris in Akagera national park?

The sport fishing activity at akagera national park   can be done by any above the age of 6 years old, the children aged between 6 to 12 years of age can be charged 15 dollars instead of the 25usds per person who is an adult. The sport fishing activity is at Akagera can be done or combined with bat cruise on lake ihema.

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