How big are silverback gorillas?

How big are silverback gorillas?: Mountain gorillas ( gorilla beringei beringei) are pretty much  endangered  gorilla species that natural live in the countries of Uganda, Rwanda and congo .  in Uganda, the  mountain gorillas are found in  bwindi impenetrable  national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park  both found in south western part of the country.  While in Rwanda The mountain gorillas  are found in  volcanoes national park Rwanda and in Democratic Republic of Congo the Mountain gorillas are found in the Virunga national park.  Note that virunga national park , volcanoes National park and Mgahinga gorilla national park are part of the great  virunga massif area  that consists of the 5 volcanoes .

The total numbers of the mountain gorillas is the wild is estimated to be at 900 individuals. Apparently they share  98% of their DNA with human beings making them one of the closest beings to humans hence being referred to as humans distant cousins.

Mountain gorillas live in an elevation of  8000- 13000 feet above sea level  hence the name mountain gorillas. The gorillas live in families of up to 14 individuals headed by the alpha male known as the silverback, the pretty much feed and nest the entire day, the feed on tree shoots, bamboo  sticks, fruits, leaves and many more. The alpha  males are known as  silverbacks because of the silver or grey far that grows on their backs as their get older.

How  heavy are the silverbacks?

Silverbacks are usually the the largest in the family interns of size and they also double as the largest primates in the world with longer hands than the limbs. The silverbacks weigh anywhere between 153kgs to 220KGS and the heaviest gorilla ever recorded weigh 267kgs and that was found in Cameroon west Africa.

How tall are silverbacks?

Silverbacks are  are not really tall, their height is between  4-6 with thet tallest ever recorded having a height of  1.93cm with an arm span of 2.8 meters  , chest 1.98meters wide.

How strong are silverbacks?

With such a size, many really ask questions of how strong the silver back really is.  Well the gorillas skeleton and muscle system of the body is much more flexible that of the human beings therefore there able to flex at really faster rate, with force that is distributed all over its body. The gorilla speed can reach between 23mph to 25mph therefore gorillas are 10 – 15 times stronger than humans.  Therefore you could be having a little of and


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